Electromek provides professional sales and service expertise for digital radiographic equipment in hospitals in clinics across Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois.
Electromek fully services all of the equipment they sell, whether you require new or pre-owned radiographic equipment ranging from:

  • X-ray rooms
  • RF – Radiographic Fluoroscopy rooms
  • DR – Digital Radiographic equipment
  • CR – Computed Radiography equipment
  • CT – Computed Tomography
  • Mobile X-ray / Portable X-ray equipment
  • Cardio Vascular equipment
  • C-Arms

We have been a fully licensed and trained Shimadzu Reseller for over 20 years.

Konica Minolta:
Konica Digital Radiographic (DR) panels and clinical reading workstations.

We installed our first Canon Digital Radiographic (DR) panel in 2004 and it is still in use today.

Carestream & Quantum:
We offer Carestream Computer Radiography (CR) and Digital Radiography (DR) systems.

We are proud to be a fully licensed reseller offering you a new affordable and low dose CT alternative with the Electromek name and staff to supporting it over the years.

Del Medical:
We have been offering the UMG / Del x-ray products for many years as a reliable and cost effective option.

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