Konica Minolta

Electromek offers many models of Konica Minolta’s DR and CR products. Please contact us to help determine the right product for your imaging needs. Some examples include:

Digital Radiography

Aero DR – High Image Quality & Lower Doses

The optimal combination of the Aero DR detector using a Konica Minolta manufactured Csl scintillator with our newly developed low noise readout ICs delivers high DQE* even at low dose. Therefore, the Aero DR is an effective tool to reduce the amount of radiation exposure used to perform radiographic imaging.

World’s Lightest Weight Wireless FPD

The Aero DR Detector is the lightest FPD in the world weighing as little as 2.9 kg (6.3 lbs) and supports wireless networking which transmits captured images to the console. Technologists can easily perform non bucky exams such as table top or cross table projections.

Computed Radiography

Konica Minolta’s Ultra-Compact CR

Image Pilot

Now you can easily convert your practice to digital radiography with the ImagePilot System. This single system solution is specifically designed for private practice offices and clinics.

ImagePilot is the newest technology in CR imaging. It simplifies CR image acquisition to the push of a button. This is made possible by AutoPilot Image Processing which completely automates the image optimization process. With AutoPilot, you get consistently superb images with every exposure.

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