Electromek installs Shimadzu Cath Lab at a St. Louis metro hospital in 2017

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The Shimadzu Trinias and its 12X12 detector has the flexibility to be used for a variety of vascular and cardiac applications, including pacemaker implants.  Two features were key reasons why local staff chose the Shimadzu Trinias.

  1. RSM-DSA was a key clinical point for the staff, and is a unique feature for Shimadzu. The most significant thing about RSM is that high quality imaging can be maintained even with patient movement occurring.  This application is especially effective for tracking across the entire lower extremities, 3D imaging in combination with C-arm movement and examinations on patients who have difficulty holding their breath.
  2. Smart Access allows for fingertip to fingertip coverage and head to foot coverage.  This feature was important to them as it allowed for full body coverage without moving the patient, thanks to a wide 83” coverage in transverse direction and 74” in longitudinal direction. Smart Access is particularly useful for peripheral leg runoff and radial access.



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