Local inventory reduced x-ray downtime

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Electromek “Moments” lists some of the many times when partnering with Electromek has made a positive impact:

Situation:  Occurred 2-13-17:  A busy orthopedic facility called in a x-ray service issue in the late afternoon due to an x-ray generator fault.  The ortho center had over 50 patients lined up for the next day and the site requested immediate action.

Electromek Action:  The local Electromek x-ray service engineer dispatched to the call used his many years of x-ray repair experience to troubleshoot the issue to a component level that same evening.  Due to Electromek’s warehouse of spare parts, a replacement component was available and installed before 9am the next morning.

Customer Outcome:  The customer did not have to reschedule any patients the next day and avoided significant patient and physician interruption.

Electromek invests significant time and resources to keep an inventory of used and spare parts.  It proved to be very beneficial in this case, otherwise if a different service organization had been called in for the repair, there is a high probability the replacement part would have been needed to be ordered from the manufacture the following morning.  Even with overnight delivery the customer would have been down for 1 – 2 days.


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