Mike Baker: A look back at 30 years as an Electromek Employee

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I have been an employee of Electromek for the past 30 years.  When I started, the company had no office, three owners and only two employees.  At the time I was hired, I was involved in only ultrasound service.  X-ray was only a word connected to the radiology department, like ultrasound.  Electromek and I became acquainted because I was working for Xonics Medical and Electromek was planning to become their service and sales reps in the St. Louis area.  So when my position with Xonics was gone, Electromek hired me to do ultrasound and learn about X-ray service.

Since I started, the company has grown and grown.  Each year, more business has come our way do to the insight and desire of the owners to grow and succeed.  The office was built and more employees have been added.  Each new employee brought a feeling of success and the excitement of bringing on new challenges as Electromek increased in size and grew a strong reputation in the X-ray service field.  Other companies began to take notice of our success and many new partnerships came our way.  Electromek started to become a true challenge to the major companies in the Radiology market place.

New X-ray technologies and advancements in the industry have added to the growth of Electromek.  As our customers demand more from us, we strive to keep adding employees with the knowledge and expertise to keep up with this demand.  Electromek’s ownership makes every effort to provide the best in sales, service and equipment to our customers.  The manufacturers we represent provide us with constant training and support.  Jim Henrichs, owner of Electromek, makes every effort to see that we utilize all the resources available to us.  The biggest challenge facing Electromek today is continuing to provide the best services possible to our customers in this fast paced and ever changing world.

The past 30 years have been both challenging and exciting.  I have seen owners retire and employees come and go.  The building change shape and be remodeled to fit our needs many times.  The number of employees has grown to over twenty five and the addition of another building.  Our customer base and territory increase each and every year.  Other company’s partner with us and the industry has gone from a turtle pace, to the new age of computers.  I did not see all this 30 years ago.  But I am extremely grateful that Electromek has allowed me to share in this success story.  It will be interesting to see where we go from here.  There is one thing I can be sure of; Electromek will continue to grow on what has been successful to date.  SERVICE!!!!

Thank You,

Mike Baker

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