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Buffalo, MN, September 2012 – PenRad, Best in KLAS leader for its Mammography Information System (MIS), and Electromek, a leading resource for diagnostic medical equipment, today announced that Electromek has expanded its product portfolio to now provide PenRad’s best-in-class information management solutions for streamlined workflow in breast imaging and the vascular lab. Electromek will now offer customers PenRad MIS, PenView Complete Breast Imaging Workstation, Compass for Breast MRI and PenVasc Vascular Information System. Together, Electromek and PenRad will provide innovative solutions for improved patient data management, significantly improving professional productivity and revenue in breast imaging and the vascular lab. Electromek will offer PenRad solutions to customers throughout Illinois and Missouri. Learn more about this partnership, visit or

“We are pleased to partner with PenRad, the leader in information and image management for optimized patient management workflow,” said Dan Thoma, Vice President, Digital Imaging, Electromek. “The PenRad solutions we will offer our customers will provide a fast, reliable and high quality method to read, report, track and manage clinical data, ultimately enhancing efficiency and revenue in their practices”.

PenRad Workflow-Enhancing Product Suite Offered by Electromek

PenRad MIS
PenRad MIS improves mammography reporting workflow while offering fewer clicks and faster turnaround time for exams. By automating tasks, and eliminating duplication, secondary data input and transcription, PenRad MIS dramatically increases productivity, all while providing facilities tremendous cost savings.

Integrated in PenRad MIS or available as standalone solution, PenTrac is designed to improve efficiency and standardization in mammography, patient tracking and MQSA reporting. PenTrac enhances patient care workflow by automating management of patient recalls and reminders, letter generation, statistics and MQSA reports, saving time and money.

By utilizing adaptive learning and pattern recognition technology to eliminate the need for manual data input for tracking and statistical analysis, PenAutoReader, saves time, resources and money.

By automatically transferring images directly to workstations and/or PACS in advance of when needed, PenFetch improves workflow efficiency allowing clinicians to have instant access to studies. PenFetch significantly assists optimization of data flow within patient care networks.

Compass for Breast MRI
Compass is software-only computer-aided analysis for breast MRI improving standardization and economics in patient care workflow. Compass delivers reliable processing of studies with no “failures to process.”

PenVasc Vascular Information System (VIS)
PenVasc VIS optimizes efficiency in the laboratory environment by completing the everyday tasks associated with running an accredited laboratory; eliminating hand written worksheets, dictation and transcription with easy to read reports.



About Electromek
Electromek offers “best of breed” medical imaging products from a wide range of manufacturers. As one of the elite dealers in the Midwest, Electromek offers a complete line of new and advanced imaging equipment to meet customer needs. Electromek always focuses on offerings solutions to maximize efficiency and effectiveness to customers. Visit for more information.

About PenRad
Founded in 1995, PenRad’s suite of innovative software products enhance professional productivity and workflow, quality and revenue in radiology image and information management. PenRad’s portfolio of software products include information systems for women’s imaging and the vascular lab; providing fast, reliable, secure tracking, reporting and management of critical patient data. Additional software products include PenView™ diagnostic reading station and Compass™ for breast MRI analysis. PenRad also offers integrations with various cancer risk analysis algorithms, breast density software, CAD, BMD analysis, softcopy synchronization and RIS/HIS/PACS systems. PenRad partners with customers to optimize workflow by integrating with existing infrastructures or providing a complete solution. PenRad is the Best in KLAS® leader for MIS – four consecutive years. Visit for more information.

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