Diagnostic Displays & PACS Accessories

Electromek is a PACS system integrator, which means we often complement our solutions with 3rd party tools to give you efficient workflow while providing you with our local support. Below are a few examples of the many DICOM tools we implement and support.

Diagnostic Displays

Electromek offers a range of diagnostic display options for radiologists, surgery, and physicain viewing.

DICOM and HL7 Auto Routing tools  
Electromek has been a DICOM Systems partner since 2011.

This best of the breed device facilitates connecting information repositories via a DICOM/HL7/Scripting toolkit that is administered remotely. 

Film Digitizers
Electromek has been offering Vidar Film digitizing products for over 15 years. Vidar’s Dual Use feature is approved for general and mammography film scanning.
CD / DVD Burners
Electromek has been offering CD burning solutions for over 15 years. Sorna offers a full line of disc production options, along with disc importing & viewing products.

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