Radiology Information System & Dictation

RIS (Radiology Information System) with Abbadox

Cloud hosted service is offered through IDS.  No capitol hardware or licensing purchase required.

  • Intuitive Scheduling
  • Instant Patient Eligibility Verification
  • Patient Visit Status Tracking & Status
  • Integrated Forms Management
  • Mammography Tracking Workflow
  • Certified MU2 EHR
  • Online Portals for Physicians and Patients
  • PACS Integration

More Abbadox RIS product details can be found on the IDS website:


Dictation with Voice2Dox

Dictate anywhere – anytime – for any site.  Voice2Dox can be integrated with any PACS.  Report distribution is available by email, fax, print, HL7, or Quickbox.

Dictations can be interpreted by our front or back-end speech recognition .  Optionally, the audio recordings can be accessed by a transcriptionist for typing, where you can use your own transcriptionist or an IDS staff transcriptionist.

By interfacing with your existing billing and scheduling systems, IDS reduces the entire reporting process to only three mouse clicks.

  1. Selecting a normal
  2. Submitting the report
  3. Confirming your electronic signature.

Reports are automatically placed into the HL7 or fax queue for distribution to the appropriate destination.

Optionally, sign your transcribed reports from your smart phone:  Mobile Abbadox extends the ability for providers to read and electronically sign reports using the iPhone.  Each record clearly identifies the patient’s name, MRN, date of dictation and type of report. The integrated search engine supports advanced searching with wildcards based on the medical record number, first name, last name or phone number.

After selecting a record, a physician can listen to the original voice dictation file, electronically sign the report, resubmit it to the medical transcriptionist, or view the next report without applying a signature

The IDS Voice2Dox tools tightly integrated with Electromek’s Sectra PACS solutions.

More Voice2Dox product details can be found on the IDS website:



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