Riverain CAD & Bone Suppression

Riverain’s ClearRead™ Suite features a number of products that take ordinary X-ray images to extraordinary levels. Each application is designed to save and improve the quality of people’s lives through the early detection of disease. The software gives radiologists a clearer and more revealing view of the chest X-ray, immediately improving the diagnostic potential of the most commonly performed imaging procedure. There is no additional procedure or radiation dose for patients and no imaging hardware for the institution to buy and find space to house.
ClearRead is an enterprise-wide bone suppression technology that increases confidence in image interpretations.

ClearRead + Detect
ClearRead +Detect computer-aided detection for chest x-rays identifies nodules that may be early-stage lung cancer.

ClearRead + Compare

ClearRead +Compare aids in the identification of density changes between current and prior chest X-rays.

For more information, videos, and brochures, please visit: www.riverainmedical.com.

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