Sectra Radiology PACS

Picture Archive and Communication Systems.

Electromek is a premier Sectra Partner with over 70 LOCAL Sectra PACS installs.

  • Electromek has the area’s largest local PACS team
  • Offering High Availability and now Cloud hosted options
  • Integration services with EMR/RIS/Dictation/others
  • Offering solutions from small clinics to large Enterprise solutions
  • Specializing in multi site – Wide Area Radiology needs

With IDS7/dx, working remotely is not an issue. If the network capacity allows, full image data is retrieved at once. For low-capacity networks, progressive transfer combines with JPEG2000 compression allows the user to gradually refine the image view by requesting more image data from the server.

Image download to a local cache improves performance over low-bandwidth networks. This provides the radiologist instant access to the full uncompressed dataset.

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