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Sectra DoseTrack – radiation dose monitoring

Sectra DoseTrack™ is a web-based dose monitoring solution that allows you to monitor patient radiation doses and ensure that they are kept as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). Sectra DoseTrack automatically collects, stores and monitors data from all connected modalities saving valuable time and facilitating analysis.

Sectra DoseTrack allows you to easily track and compare the radiation levels on modality, examination or patient level. The system can be configured to provide automatic alerts when radiation levels exceed established thresholds. It is also easy to export data for reporting to regulatory authorities or for further analysis in Excel.

The system has the ability to be configured using local and national DRL (Dose Reference Levels) to allow the organization to ensure that it is performing within expected thresholds.

Increased patient safety

By monitoring your equipment with Sectra DoseTrack, you can rapidly detect if an X- ray device is exposing patients to too much radiation. This allows you to identify possible failures that may result in an increased radiation dose in a timely manner. It also supports follow-up of individual patients when a radiation incident is suspected.

The system provides analysis capabilities for dose optimization to allow the organization to fulfill its responsibilities under the ALARA principles. It helps you identify the most appropriate actions, such as changing modalities for specific procedures, staff training to optimize the use of modalities or imaging protocol revisions to ensure best use of equipment and staff.

Multi-modality support

Sectra DoseTrack supports both the IHE Radiation Exposure Monitoring profile and the DICOM MPPS standard, enabling the connection of almost any modality to gain a complete dose monitoring solution.



Featured Rad Product

Fischer Giotto Feature
Digital Mammography

Fischer-Giotto proudly presents the Giotto Image 3D, with a truly innovative design that makes possible better patient care, easier work for technologists and superior image quality. It is truly “Patient Friendly Mammography”.

Giotto, has been fully dedicated to designing and manufacturing mammography and stereotactic breast biopsy equipment for more than 18 years.  IMS’s Research and Development team has pioneered many improvements and innovations, including being the first to use the Amorphous Selenium Digital Detector for mammography which is now the market standard.

Now, with the perfection of the ring-shaped, tilting gantry, Giotto offers a more pleasant mammography experience for patients along with quick and easy positioning for technologists.

Stereotactic Biopsy

Giotto is a high precision Stereotactic Biopsy system

  • It is easy to install and remove.
  • High resolution Digital detector
  • Computer controlled targeting and servo needle movements
  • The Mammo-Bed Configures Giotto for Prone Stereotactic Biopsy
  • Easily and quickly connects to Giotto for prone biopsy procedures
  • Free-floating table top
  • Motorized vertical movement
  • Can be positioned at comfortable standing or seated height for the doctor

Docks to the gantry at any angle up to 180º

Images and information from Quest International, Inc. and Shimadzu. Used with permission.

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