Featured Radiology Product Wireless FPD

Advanced Digital Mobile System with Wireless FPD for Greater Ease-of-Use

The wireless flat panel integrated into the 32 kW X-ray system is designed to give maximum performance and flexibility within a modern hospital environment. The speed of operation of this system, in fields demanding rapid intervention such as Emergency and Pediatric Medicine by virtue of the 3 second display time for images at the console provides excellent clinical worth.

The new wireless FPD expands the product range and allows easy positioning in restricted spaces when combined with the intuitive movements of the MobileDaRt Evolution.

Wireless FPD makes handling easier

The wireless FPD makes it easy to maintain the system asepsis in the operating room or infectious diseases ward. The system offers excellent positioning, with no concerns about cables.

Compact and lightweight

The wireless FPD (14″x17″) is enable operation in all conventional buckies without modification. Also the compact type of FPD (11″x 14″) is an optimal solution for Pediatric care with lower-dose.

Low dose for patients with high image resolution

The high sensitivity of the wireless FPD ensures low patient X-ray dose.

State-of-the-art control software

The optimized workflow reduces steps and supports multiple study acquisition.

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