Cloud Solutions – EverVault

Electromek developed a cloud backup solution to our PACS customers for backing up their LARGE medical image files using leading online backup software. Your PACS data and DICOM images data will grow linearly every year which makes many cloud backup solution unaffordable over time. Let us show you how our approach can help provide a fixed expense while maintaining a secure offsite backup copy.

Over the years our customers have asked us to back up their non PACS data also, therefore the same industry leading online backup software can be scaled and configured to allow our customers to protect their facility’s entire data needs.

  • Cloud based: Your data is replicated to a secure offsite location.
  • Protection: Safeguards against accidental and malicious data corruption.
  • Right-sized: Scales with your business.
  • Efficient: Compression and encryption before sending

EverVault is a division of Electromek Diagnostic Systems

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