CT Tube Replacement GE Scanners

GE CT Service and Tube Replacements
Electromek’s qualified CT service engineers can offer you a service alternative.

Is a GE CT hardware failure preventing you from scanning?
Is your GE CT tube making a loud noise?
Will your GE CT system not boot up?

GE CT Scanner Service

  • GE Light Speed
  • GE Light Speed Ultra
  • GE High Speed (FXi, LXi…)
  • GE Pro Speed

-We install Dunlee tubes that carry a full manufacture’s warrantee.
-We will begin by patiently walking you through some troubleshooting steps over the phone.
-On site service and parts can be available the next day.
-Excellent pricing on all parts and CT tubes.

We offer a cost effective service alternative for your GE CT service repairs.

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