Capital Region Medical Center has depended on Electromek over the years to assist us with replacement and service for x-ray systems throughout our clinic system. This long term relationship has evolved into a trusted source of expertise we now count on for many projects. In 2015 we were shopping for R&F systems to replace an existing unit in the hospital radiology department. As distributors of Shimadzu equipment, Electromek was one three vendors we reached out to for bids. They responded immediately and provided detailed quotes with line item pricing allowing us to determine which Shimadzu system was the best fit for our organization. The site visit was coordinated and went very smoothly. Once they received the purchase order they were well organized and detail oriented. They came on site to take pictures of the space and to help us determine the best configuration for our room. Jim provided detailed specifications to our Facilities department and helped us clearly understand what was required of us for room prep prior to installation. John, Ben and the service engineers worked well together to provide a seamless installation and a well-coordinated plan for training the technologists. The communication throughout the project was clear and timely. Their attention to detail and effective communication resulted in a successful install with no surprises. As always, the service team has been proactive and dependable!

Kristy Trent, Medical Imaging Director
Capital Region Medical Center: Jefferson City, MO

Des Peres Hospital has an excellent working relationship with Electromek. All of the employees are attentive to the needs of their customer. Our Biomed department feels their service is superior. We recently had a project to replace an R & F room in a short period of time. Electromek orchestrated the purchase, delivery and installation of the equipment in 2 months. The installation went smoothly and everything was completed on time, even when that meant that their service engineers worked longer hours. Jim , John and Ben made the project painless and efficient. We are looking forward to our next project with Electromek and have faith that we will have the same results as they have a proven track record for excellent service.

Susan Aly, Director of Radiology
Des Peres: St. Louis, MO

In the summer of 2014, our practice began preparing for the purchase of new DR equipment. With the vital help of one of our experienced x-ray technicians, we received 4 bids for this system. Electromek, being the over achiever that they are, actually came back with two bids for two types of equipment that might fit our needs. After checking their references thoroughly here in St. Louis, we decided to purchase one of the two options offered. John and Ben prepared their team and us with pricing and installation details. When it was time to install, everything went very smoothly, and it was actually installed over a weekend. Electromek then sent experts to work with our technicians for two days to ensure that they were comfortable with the equipment and data issues. Advanced Bone & Joint can whole heartedly support and recommend these fine folks to others who might be looking for radiology equipment and a flexible team to make it work!

Jim P. Kidd, CMPE, CEO
Advanced Bone & Joint: St. Peters, MO

We have worked with Electromek since 2001 and continue to be very happy with everything about the relationship. Over the years Electromek has kept our aged equipment running and also helped us move into the digital age. Down time is practically non-existent in our x-ray department and I am always confident that we will exceed any regulatory requirements and safety protocols. Electromek staff are professional, honest and cost conscience, I recommend the company enthusiastically and without reservation.

Suzann M. Crowder, MBA, CMPE, Administrator
St. Charles Orthopaedic Surgery Associates: St. Charles, MO

We have been an Electromek customer for 25 years. Electromek has set the bar for Customer Service. I highly recommend Electromek.

Crystal Hicks: Director of Imaging Services
Salem Township Hospital: Salem, IL

I have been associated with Electromek more than 10 years here at Dugan Radiology. Great equipment, personalized service – professional. You guys are Great

Dr. Robert A. Panico: Director Medical Imaging
Sparta Community Hospital: Sparta, IL

Electromek is the complete package. They combine friendly, honest sales personnel with expert service engineers who respond immediately at the first sign of trouble. Electromek is timely, down to earth and simply shows a good old fashion appreciation of your business.

Christopher Wibbenmeyer:
Perry County Memorial Hospital: Perryville, MO

Our first contact with Electromek Diagnostic Systems was the replacement of our old Teleradiology system with a web-based system in 2001. Since that time, we have purchased our portable x-ray unit, a new rad room for our new clinic, a refurbished rad/fluoro room being installed now and have had Electromek provide us with our Sectra PACS/Fuji CR system. For a small, rural critical access hospital, that is a great deal of equipment, purchased and serviced from a single supplier. It is obvious that our institution thinks very highly of the knowledge, honesty, integrity and quality of the Electromek organization. We have dealt with the sales and service forces of Philips Medical, Siemens Medical and GE Medical for years, and have always been disappointed in the way the mega companies deal with the small accounts. When a 1200 bed teaching institution has an x-ray room non-operable, it may be a minor inconvenience, but it can put the rural community hospital out of business. Fast service and quick response times save our patients from unnecessary delays and transfers. In addition, what other company allows you direct access to the President of the company to resolve issues, with one phone call?

Jim Henrichs, and his entire organization, form a true partnership with their customers. It is a way of doing business that is truly refreshing in this increasingly cynical business world. It is for these reasons that we at Paris Community Hospital can recommend Electromek Diagnostic Systems for any of your Radiology needs, without hesitation or reservation.

Don Held: Radiology Manager
Paris Community Hospital: Paris, IL

We have found them to be timely, honest, and cost effective, as an alternative 3rd party vendor to the O.E.M’s for our imaging service needs. Their service engineers have demonstrated their proficiency throughout the years and have given us excellent uptime with our equipment. They are highly qualified dedicated service engineers who have demonstrated their desire to provide the best possible service to our facility. They have demonstrated flexibility in servicing equipment and have been very professional in their approach to our service needs. The management at Electromek has been exemplary as well and always follows up on pending projects and service needs in a very timely manner.

Robert Ellis: Administratove Director
St. Alexius Hospital: St. Louis, MO

Clay County Hospital has been a customer of Electromek for at least 20 years. Electromek has proven to be an extremely reliable service provider and has shown integrity and honesty in sales also.

Clay County Hospital purchased new Sectra PACS in 2005. We were nervous and somewhat uneducated about how we would evolve PACS into our department flow. Dan Thoma was excellent in setting up a plan and explaining it to us in a very organized and simplified manner. Troy Meador and Dan did a terrific job in planning and implementing this huge change for us. We kept waiting for all the horror stories we had heard and read about to happen to us. But they never did. I would and have recommended Electromek to other colleagues as an excellent PACS implementation company. The only way to go.

Linda Schnepper: Manager of Diagnostic Services
Clay County Hospital: Flora, IL

We have been an Electromek customer for 20 years. We have purchased new equipment from them. Their service is excellent, response time great (unsurpassed!), the knowledge, honesty and integrity of all of their personnel has been of the highest quality. I would recommend Electromek to all radiology professionals.

Cheri Wolff: Lead Technologist
Fayette County Hospital: Vandalia, IL

I have been an Electromek customer since 1993 when my facility purchased a Gendex Rad room from Electromek. The Gendex room is a favorite with all of the technologists in my facility due to the ease of use and dependability of the equipment.

The sales staff that we dealt with on the purchase of that equipment was one of the best. All of the sales and service personnel are open, honest, friendly, very knowledgeable and approachable. When the sales staff calls me I feel as if I am talking to a friend instead of being scoped out as a prospect. The great experience we have had with the Gendex room and the service staff connected with it inspired us to switch to Electromek to service our CT and Mammography units after our previous service contracts expired. It was a good decision and we have been very happy. The service staff always promptly contacts us when we call and are always very accommodating to our scheduling needs. We experience minimal down time.

I have in the past and will continue in the future to recommend Electromek to any professional contacts that I have.

Tina Boggs: Radiology Manager
Mason District Hospital: Havana, IL

Our facility has been an Electromek customer since 2004. We have purchased a refurbished CT and a new Del Radiographic X-Ray System. Our facility was needing new or refurbished equipment, and I was having some difficulty finding a company I considered honest and reliable to service their equipment. Another Electromek customer recommended Electromek to me. I made contact with an Electromek representative, Troy Meador. I found Troy to be an honest straightforward person, just what we needed. Service is an essential part of radiology. I would rate service form Electromek as excellent, far better than other companies we have had in the past. I have never met, but have talked to Jim Henrichs many times, and I appreciate him as well. It is without reservation that I would recommend Electromek.

Joe Daymon: Ancillary Director
Hardin County Hospital: Hardin, IL

I have had very good response with Electromek. Troy is very friendly and if I have any problems, he is fast to respond. I have no complaints with the service.

Annie Dlubala: Imaging Manager
Pinckneyville Community Hospital: Pinckneyville, IL

Hamilton Memorial has had an on-going working relationship with Electromek for at least 10 years. We have purchased several pieces of equipment during this time, and have always been treated fairly. The Service we have received has been first rate, and it is my experience that they can be trusted to do what they say they will do. Jim and Troy helped a lot with the planning of our new radiology suite in 2010. I would highly recommend Electromek’s sale and service.

Genia Nelson: Director of Radiology
Hamilton Memorial Hospital: McLeansboro, IL

We are a long standing customer of Electromek. We have made numerous purchases of new equipment as well as refurbished equipment and currently have a service contract coverage for multiple equipment. In comparison to other companies Electromek far exceeds their competitors. Their commitment to customer service is unequalled. From the first meeting to decide on what equipment best suits our needs to the actual installation and usage of the equipment, Electromek makes every step of the way a smooth transition. The employees are very knowledgeable and personal. Electromek is the 1st company we call when we have a need for equipment based on our past experience for the ease of purchase, installation and quality service.

Katha Cranage: Team Leader Radiology & MRI
Premier Care: St. Louis, MO

I have dealt with Electromek on the purchase of several pieces of equipment. The entire organization is customer oriented. They strive to answer any question the customer has, as well as provide the most cost effective product and service possible.

Debra Miller: Director of Radiology
Lawrence County Hospital: Lawrenceville, IL

We have had a wonderful working relationship with Electromek for several years and we will continue this relationship for many years to come. We have purchased equipment and service from you and on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being excellent) you get a five on everything from equipment to personnel. Your personnel go above and beyond what is expected of them. I just hope you know how much you are appreciated for all you do for us. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend you.

Teri Orr: Imaging Director
Kirby Medical Center: Monticello, IL

We have been an Electromek customer for several years. I have nothing but great things to say about the service, equipment, and the employees from Electromek. I would highly recommend Electromek to anyone.

Debbie Camerer: Radiology Department Head
Carlinville Area Hospital: Carlinville, IL

We installed our PACS in early 2008 and went live with CPSI integration in March 2009. All of our equipment came new and the training staff was 4 star! Anytime we call the personnel is very friendly, knowledgeable and responds quickly. Everyone here has been impressed with the whole “package”. I would gladly recommend Electromek to anyone and so far, would rather keep my business with them more than any other

Lori Boyer: RT & PACS Administrator
Keokuk Area Hospital: Keokuk, IA

One of the best companies we have worked with at St. Mary’s.
- Customer for over 5 years
- Purchased new CR, refurbished x-ray, new PACS & upgrade
- Excellent Service
- Personnel knowledge/integrity is excellent
- They follow thru to completion is the biggest impression
- I have already recommended Electromek to my colleagues

Tim Block: Imaging Director
St. Mary’s Hospital: Decatur, IL

Calls are answered immediately. We’ve been a customer for about 4 years. Rate service 10/10. All staff are highly intelligent and able to answer any questions. I would and have recommended Electromek to my peers.

Aaron Asbury: Chief Operating Officer
Orthopedic Center of So. Illinois: Mt Vernon, IL

We have been an Electromek customer for years! We have purchased both refurbed and new equipment from Electromek. We also purchased our PACS in 2008. I would, and have, recommended Electromek to everyone. They are knowledgeable, dependable and very professional. I have been in Radiology for 28 years and can honestly say that Electromek is the best company I have ever worked with!

Christy Sims: Imaging Manager
Culbertson Memorial Hospital: Rushville, IL

Our system was new when it was installed in May 2008 by Electromek. I cannot say enough good about your personnel. I am pretty certain at times our engineer would love to pinch my nose off but he is very patient and walks me thru every step quite calmly. I would recommend Electromek to anyone who is looking for any type of system, they are professional in every way and extremely knowledgeable about their products. They are second to none in the business community.

Victoria Peterson: Office/Technologist Manager
Marion Clinic (CT & Open MRI Center): Marion, IL

Our PACS was installed in 2007 purchased new from Electromek. Electromek’s service and support is first rate. I am very big on service and support. I have been contacted by many other providers but as long as the service and support stays the same I will be loyal.

Jeff Lee: Director of Diagnostic Imaging
Richland Memorial Hospital: Olney, IL

We are a long term 10+ year client of Electromek. The knowledge of our PACS System and working solutions they provide is the highest level.

Randy Pruetzel: CFO
Imaging Center at Wolf Creek: Swansea, IL

I have been a manager here at Wabash General Hospital for 11 years. We have used Electromek for all of our service on general equipment and C-Arms. We purchased PACS from them in 2004 and support has been tremendous. Their response to a problem is always prompt. Their understanding and communication skills to teach us about PACS has been exceptional! We appreciate their hard work! We have purchased new equipment through them also and have always felt like pricing was competitive or less than other Vendors. I would certainly recommend them to anyone.

Debbie Dilbeck: Director of Radiology
Wabash General Hospital: Mt. Carmel, IL

I like to tell people that I’ll buy anything Electromek is selling! My experience with Electromek over the past 16 years has convinced me that these folks have it all. They only sell quality products that they are willing to support so there’s never an issue regarding accountability or performance. With a selection of new and refurbished equipment available, I’ve always been able to find a solution within my budget. But the main reason I like to work with Electromek is because of how they treat me and my staff. They are always available and always willing to answer a question-whether it’s sales, service or software related. If they need to be on site, they always schedule and allow me to set the priority. I may need someone on site after hours or I may be able to wait until the next day, or even until the next time they have someone in the area—but I always have the option of choosing. Software support is just a phone call away and it’s a rare situation when an issue can’t be resolved remotely. I think of the Electromek staff as friends and partners rather than just a vendor.

Kim Larkin: Chief Information Officer
Washington County Hospital: Nashville, IL

Prompt, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, reliable, highly recommended. I know when I call with a problem the problem will be fixed. Thank you Electromek.

Deborah Winkle: Radiology Supervisor
Granite City Orthopedic Physicians Company, LLC: Granite City, IL

At St. Joseph’s Hospital, we have been steady customers of Electromek from its beginnings. We have purchased new and refurbished equipment from Electromek, as well as a PACS System. We would not have continued to purchase equipment and use their products and services if we had been dissatisfied with their products and services, and we have done so for over 35 years. I would recommend Electromek to my colleagues without reservation.

Mel Long: Radiology Director
St. Joseph’s Hospital: Highland, IL

I have been a customer for about 12 years. I receive excellent service. Mike Baker went beyond my expectations recently with help on our mammogram unit.

Sue Naes
Excel Imaging: St. Louis, MO

I have been very happy with our service and all interactions with Electromek. Just last week we called with an urgent need on a portable and were up and running next day with you. Our other vendor would have had us down for 4 days due to shipment of a part. I trust from your company that I will get honest, straight information from everyone. Troy, Dan, & Chad, Greg, David Chris are always extremely helpful (2 gentlemen that did repairs did a great job)

Joanne VanLeer: Radiology Director
St. Francis Hospital: Litchfield, IL

We have been an Electromek customer since 1976, and have purchased both new and refurbished equipment. Electromek provides excellent service and their personnel have excellent knowledge and integrity. I am also impressed with the sales representative. I have and would recommend Electromek because I feel they are superior to other companies I have done business with.

Keep up the good work !!!!

Gary Price: Director of Radiology
Good Samaritan Regional Health Care: Mt. Vernon, IL

We purchased a new PACS System approximately 5 years ago. Electromek has been great at service. I always get to talk to someone right when I call and they always strive to resolve issues quickly.

I would recommend them to others and look forward to their business in the future.

Bill Scroggins: Interim Radiology Manager
Ferrell Hospital: Eldorado, IL

I/We have been a customer of Electromek for over 17 years. I have found your company to be very knowledgeable and operates with the highest integrity. I am very impressed with your company and that is why I recommend you to my peers in the St. Louis area. Thank you for your on going support!

Suzy Wagy: Radiology Director
Shriner’s Hospital: St Louis, MO

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