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The introduction of new technology and innovations, the COVID-19 pandemic and consolidation among healthcare providers are all impacting and reshaping the imaging landscape. Radiologists equipped with the right technology and skills will be able to compete not only on price, but on the value and level of service they provide. Radiologists who leverage leading-edge technology to facilitate their diagnoses will have an advantage over those who do not—both when it comes to delivering higher-quality services faster, preventing themselves from becoming burned out, and handling sudden changes in volumes. The task of filtering out new advantageous technologies to invest in and add to the diagnostic toolbox, however, is not an easy one.

We want to help you navigate this ever-changing landscape. Last year’s edition of The radiologist’s handbook was very well received, and the positive feedback has been overwhelming. We have now performed extensive interviews with industry experts and healthcare professionals resulting in a brand-new edition of the handbook. This e-book provides exclusive guidance on key technologies with potential to truly enhance your skills, scope and ability to cope with future demands and spend your time more wisely.