MobileDaRt series Exceeded 6,000 units Worldwide Sales

The number of order booking of MobileDaRt Evolution series, Shimadzu’s Digital Radiographic(DR) Mobile X-ray system with FPD, has exceeded 6,000 units worldwide as of March 2021. The Mobile DR system that performs radiography to image verification in one unit at patient side has enabled the examinations in ICU, ER, the isolated patient rooms under the epidemic of infection, and has supported doctors to recognize the patients’ condition and decide the adequate treatments. As a pioneer of the mobile DR solution, we will continue our efforts to contribute to worldwide healthcare facilities by our advanced technology and premium quality products.

Milestones of MobileDaRt series

in 2003 Unveiled at RSNA and became a hot topic to open the new “Mobile DR” modality as its pioneer.

in 2005 The World’s First Mobile DR system, the first generation “MobileDaRt” was launched officially.

in 2007 Got more than 100 orders that occupies 38% of market share in US.

in 2008 The 2nd-generation “MobileDaRt Evolution” launched. The systems were provided to the emergency medical treatment in China at the Great Sichuan Earthquake, and recognized for its high adaptability to disaster medical care.

in 2009 Compact FPD type launched and appreciated in pediatric NICU. Dual FPD type also launched.

in 2012 Achieved 1,000 orders worldwide in 2015 MobileDaRt Evolution EFX Version with quick boot-up time by SSD (Solid State Drive) launched.

in 2017 MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 Version launched and expanded its DR lineup to meet various needs.

in 2018 MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 Version launched and received “Good Design Award” by its soft design to patients.

in 2019 MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 Version received “The Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association Award” by its collapsible column and maneuverability.

in 2020 MobileDaRt series exceeded 5,000 units worldwide sales including 1,000+ units sales of the latest “MX8 Version”. Many of them have highly contributed to the worldwide healthcare for COVID-19 pneumonia patients diagnosis in an isolated patient room or ICU.

in 2021 MobileDaRt series exceeded 6,000 units worldwide.

MobileDaRt series continues to move you forward !