Emerging from the combined expertise of industry pioneers, including the foundational team of PeerVue, NewVue is dedicated to transforming radiology workflows through advanced AI integration and operational efficiency. Electromek, with its strong foundation in customer-centric service and now fully employee-owned, aligns perfectly with NewVue’s commitment to innovation and superior service in the healthcare sector.

Dan Thoma, President of Electromek, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, noting, “As a system integrator, NewVue’s EmpowerSuite complements our existing diagnostic imaging-focused products, allowing us to serve radiologist groups wanting to improve their remote reading efficiencies by creating a common radiologist cockpit across multiple health systems through a single service provider.”

The agreement, effective as of March 1, 2024, grants Electromek the rights to market, promote, and resell EmpowerSuite across the United States. EmpowerSuite is renowned for its ability to optimize radiology operations, eliminate the need for multiple worklists, and reduce administrative burdens, thereby addressing the critical needs of the modern radiology environment.

“We are thrilled to partner with Electromek, whose commitment to high standards and customer satisfaction mirrors our own,” said Kyle Lawton, CEO of NewVue Inc. “Together, we will drive innovation and efficiency in radiology practices nationwide, continuing to improve workflow solutions and patient care quality.”

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About NewVue Inc.
NewVue Inc. specializes in developing cloud-native radiology workflow solutions, integrating cutting-edge AI technology to streamline workflow management and enhance diagnostic accuracy. Founded by the innovators behind PeerVue, NewVue continues to lead in transforming radiology practices.


About Electromek Diagnostic Systems
Founded in 1976, Electromek Diagnostic Systems has evolved from a private enterprise into a fully employee-owned company. It provides advanced medical imaging equipment and IT solutions. Known for its customer-focused approach and commitment to quality, Electromek supports healthcare organizations with unparalleled levels of system integration and service.